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ICIS Plant Energy provides a unique and unrivalled offering in its approach to Energy Management and Sustainability. Allowing users to utilise real and virtual metering technology while leveraging their automation infrastructure offers not only the most flexible method of metering and analysis on the market today, but also the most cost effective one.






Virtual Meter

Mobirise Mobirise

A Virtual Meter can be considered as the conversion of a process control devices characteristics into an Energy Consumption value in real-time using the design characteristics of the device.

Without the need of adding a new hard meter ICIS can map the energy usage of devices virtually and allow a user to build a complete understanding of energy flow throughout their facility.

With this method of leveraging the automation systems control data ICIS enables the building of Virtual Energy maps for a facility without the need for any new metering hardware or downtime. 

The ICIS toolset ships with an extensive list of default tools including:

Multi Variable Regression        Batch Linkage            Meter Comparisons         Forecasting

Dynamic Trending                    User Dashboards       Statistical Analysis           Trend Annotations

Alarms and Alerts                     Degree Day                Ad-Hoc Reporting          Excel Add-Ins

Carbon Emission Engine           Energy Pricing            Energy Maps                   KPI Scorecards

ICIS integrate with the leading historian & automation providers and are development partners with a number of them also ensuring that our interfaces communicate with their products efficiently. To further our connectivity options ICIS provides its own interfaces to allow for the extraction of its data to 3rd party applications to support the complete transfer of digital data across the entire manufacturing process.  

No other product in the market place today offers the flexibility and components that ICIS provide straight out of the box. Be it for ISO50001 support, Energy Management or Carbon Emission Reporting, the ICIS toolset has everything that you require within one user friendly portal interface.

As ICIS is deeply integrated into the automation layer of your process it has the ability to map energy usage not only across the facility but to a batch level also. By doing this organizations get true batch energy production metrics such as Kg/kWHr, Litre/Litre, Lbs/kW.

Mapping true usage of equipment empowers sites to continuously improve on their Production, CIP and SIP processes. It allows for the comparison of underperforming production units and inefficient utilities usage within the process.


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