Product Integration

ICIS have been involved in numerous projects across various industries. The common factor between them all is the seamless integration of our solutions to their existing infrastructure and the digital transformation of their energy data in actionable items and extensive savings.


Pharmaceutical - Pfizer (Europe)

This paper details the implementation strategy and success story of the ICIS sustainability platform at one of the largest BioTech facilities in world.

Dairy - Chobani (USA) 

This paper details how one of the largest dairy producers in the USA utilises the ICIS sustainability platform for energy reduction and plant performance analysis with data transfer to SAP.


Municipal - D.C. Water (USA) 

This paper details how one of the largest and most cutting edge waste water municipals in the USA utilises the ICIS platform to manage all their energy and water processing information in conjunction with their real-time energy market pricing strategy.

Beverage - Coca Cola (USA)

This paper details how one of the world's largest bottle manufacturer utilises the ICIS solution to monitor 10 separate sites across the east coast of the USA and how it provides vital information to keep energy costs on target and within budget.


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